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Unfortunately we are living in a changing and insecure world. In the news from around the world everyday, we are hearing about kidnappings, bomb attacks and murder attempts with victims eminent persons of our society. VIP's, Politicians and businessmen are trying to minimize the risk by using armoured cars.

automotiveBut is your armoured car capable to save your life in a crucial situation? Only if it is constructed under high standards and inspections.

Our company is capable to provide you with brand new or pre-owned armoured vehicles for city, rural and conflict environments from the best manufactures worldwide. With our cars you will have the best available protection and you can be confident without the concern of your safety and security being compromised.

Feel free to contact us without obligation for more information regarding armoured cars.

Armoured Vehicle Classes

Class Caliber Type
BR2 9×19mm Parabellum FJ/RN/SC
BR3 .357 Magnum FJ/CB/SC
BR4 .44 Magnum FJ/FN/SC
BR5 5.56×45mm NATO FJ/PB/SCP
BR6 7.62×51mm NATO FJ/PB/SC
BR7 7.62×51mm NATO FJ/PB/HC
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